Competition Analysis: loyalty programs

We have done an extensive research at the current trends of loyalty programs of grocery stores.
In this analysis we compared different chains, from domestic to foreign supermarkets.


We noticed that Asda, a British supermarket chain, doesn’t use of loyalty programs. Instead they lower the prices for every kind of customer and pay the difference back to the customer if the prices are higher compared to a competitive rival.

Asda , The Drum

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn are using the current ways of loyalty programs:

-Bonus card (bonuskaarten)
-Collecting stamps (spaarzegels)
-Limited collecting campaigns like the current: “Dinoplaatjes” and Virtual Reality Glasses (spaaracties)
-Personal special offers

What are the benefits for the customer?

The customer gets personal offers based on the buying behaviour and gets suggestions based on previous purchases of the customer.

source: Klantgericht ondernemen

Collaborations of third companies

Albert Heijn likes to give customers suprised offers with discounts for holidays via Centre Parcs or discounts offers on fashion like WE Fashion.

Comparison between Asda and Albert Heijn

We have noticed that loyalty-programs have different approaches in maintaining customers. With Asda they don’t use any cards for maintaining customers. Albert Heijn and other dutch grocery stores are using different methodes to lure customers with attractive touchpoints and special offers based on their liking.

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