Research on online grocery shopping

We did some research on online grocery shopping. Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular. Nearly 1.6 million of the people in the Netherlands have ever done some online shopping for groceries. This year, it is expected that the limit of 2 million will be reached. It’s also expected, for the coming years, that the sales of online supermarkets will rise by 30%. 68% of the people who order online let the groceries delivered at their door.

The Albert Heijn is most popular. Six out of ten people, who order their groceries online, orders at the Albert Heijn. Followed by Jumbo (16%), Plus (5%), Picnic (4%) and Hoogvliet (4%).

Two out of three consumers find it unnecessary to order groceries online if they have a supermarket nearby. If supermarkets would charge no or reduced delivery costs it would be more attractive to order groceries online. This is for a quarter of consumers a reason to do online shopping. Of the people who never ordered groceries online, 18 to 34 year olds are most open to do this in the future.

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The service to do online shopping also has disadvantages for the affiliates. Owners of local branches of the supermarket Albert Heijn don’t make money on selling groceries online. The proceeds will go to the parent company. The delivery of goods goes through the central distribution centre. The Albert Heijn is in discussions with the franchisees on a solution to the case.


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