Brandloyalty on supermarkets

We have analysed the insights of Snapcart based on 85.000 Indonesian shoppers and found the following conclusions:

01. 76% of the shoppers are doing groceries at two or more supermarket chains.

02. 24% of the shoppers are loyal to one kind of supermarket chain.

03. Nearby location of supermarkets from home or work is important, due to convenience of crowded infrastructure in Indonesia.

04. Distribution helps retain customers. 61% of the survey rates does their groceries at mini markets, while 39% are doing the groceries at supermarkets and hypermarkets.

05. Women tend to be savvier shoppers then men, because women tend to do their groceries at multiple channel for getting the best deal possible. Men are more efficient shoppers. They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the stores as soon as possible.

06. Women above 35 years are the most pickiest shoppers. 35% are using multiple channels to get their groceries.

07. Men in their 15 to 21 years are more likely to be loyal to a supermarket chain, while 37% are going.

08. When men are become older, they tend to do groceries at multiple channels, assuming by influences by their spouse.

10. Memberships struggle to retain customers, discounts don’t.

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