Types of adopters

The 5 types of adopters:

1 Innovators will always be the people that get to experience your product first. They don’t mind paying some extra money to get the product before everyone else can get their hands on them. They are not afraid to try out new things and socialize about their findings with other innovators. It’s better to adapt the technology then to let the user adapt to your technology. Major focus on user experience.

2 Early adopters are the most influential people in a market. These are usually younger people and very active on social media or review sites. They share their findings online and spread the word of your product. These early adopters generally have a high social status, which enables thought leadership. Early adopters usually don’t care too much about the price tag on your product, if it works. They take less risks than innovators and tend to do more research before backing products.

3 The early majority are the people that tend to follow thought leaders. These people are usually in contact with thought leaders, and tend to base their adoption decision on the decision of these thought leaders. These people have limited money and think more carefully when spending money on products.

4 The late majority are the people that are more skeptical about their adoption decisions. They use their money for widely tested products and avoid risks. These people tend to have a lower social status and less money to spend on products. They rarely ever share their thoughts about products to other people.

5 Laggards are the last people to arrive at the adoption process. These people are usually a sign of declining sales in your product. They rarely seek for opinions of other people on products. These people are usually less familiar with your product (or technology). These people are usually the older people that have a mid-level economic status.

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