Adoption process

Hoe worden producten nou geaccepteerd door gebruikers? Er zijn 5 stappen die zullen plaatsvinden (in het engels omdat ik dat makkelijker vond schrijven):

The adopter needs to know your product exists. How will you inform people about the problems your product will solve. How can users find your product? You need to focus on creating awareness about your product, if the awareness is created for the adopter, it will move to the 2nd stage.

The adopter is interested in your product and will start seeking information about your product that will make them buy it. At this point you should be pointing out the benefits of your product, and what kind of benefits the adaptor can expect from your product.

This is the hardest part in the adoption process. The adopter will look at the positive and negative aspects of your product. The adopter will compare the two and base a decision on his findings. Adopters usually don’t make rational decisions, they base their decision on feelings and perceptions of your product. As a producer it is really hard to adapt to the feelings of a specific person.

A decision to use your product has been made and the adopter will most likely use your product. At this point the adopter will make a decision on whether or not he likes the product, and that it adds value to his life. The adopter might need more information on your product or the use of your product, as a producer you should have this information ready so the adopter is more likely to find the information he desires.

The final step of the adoption of a product. The adopter now has to decide if he keeps using your product or abandons it. This also involves a personal acceptance of the product but can also involve a social acceptance. The adopter will likely asks colleagues or friends what they think about the product. This phase will always end in your product dying out, the only thing that can change in the lifespan of your product. Your product can be used a number of years or maybe a number of weeks.


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